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Children's Dental Extraction in Tucson, AZ

When does a child require a tooth extraction?

While it is the goal of our specialized kids dentists to prevent the need for tooth extractions (pulling teeth), sometimes it is necessary.

For example, a tooth may need to be extracted if:

  • Has excessive dental decay causing pain or infection
  • Has undergone significant trauma
  • Required with orthodontic treatment to improve orthodontic outcomes

What does a tooth extraction involve?

If a dental extraction is deemed necessary, the tooth will be anesthetized and gently rocked back and forth until it is wiggled out. This procedure involves minimal discomfort for your child.

We are committed to your child’s long-term dental health!

At General Dentistry 4 Kids we are dedicated to helping children maintain healthy smiles. If your child has a toothache, schedule an appointment with one of our dentists as soon as possible by clicking HERE or call us today.

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Related FAQs

Of course! Not only do we allow parents to stay with their kids during exams and most treatments, we encourage it. We have found that having a parent stay with their child lessens the anxiety for both the child, as well as the parent. Younger patients will often lay in their parent's lap during the exam to provide the most soothing experience.

Also, being with your child during their dental appointment allows the dentist and parent to discuss their child's dental health and provide realtime feedback and tips.

The only exception is during General Anesthesia. Parents are able to be with their child when they fall asleep and wake up, but not during treatment. The treatment room is small and with the dentist, dental assistant and the anesthesiologist, the room is just too crowded to provide the safest environment for your child. During this time, you are asked to wait in the lobby. The office staff will bring you updates during treatment.

Many children experience no discomfort at all following a dental extraction, commonly referred to as having a tooth pulled. Some children may experience mild pain or soreness which may last 1-2 days. This can be alleviated by Tylenol or Motrin but your dentist will discuss with you what is appropriate for your child.

We recommend a soft food diet for the first day or two following an extraction (pasta, rice, applesauce etc.). Avoid drinking high temperature liquids as they may cause an increase in blood flow and bleeding at the extraction site.

If your child has received local anesthesia to complete their dental work their lips, cheeks, and tongue will remain anesthetized (numb) for a few hours following their appointment. Because they cannot feel these areas, sometimes children will accidentally bite them which causes them to swell. It is very important to monitor your child closely after their dental appointment and remind them not to suck, bite or chew on their lips, cheeks or tongue. Cold liquids, ice packs, or frozen treats (popsicles) will help provide pain relief if this occurs. If your child has any swelling following their dental appointment, please contact our office so it can be evaluated.