Welcome to General Dentistry 4 Kids!

Our family dentistry is dedicated to providing families in the area with fun, quality children’s dental care. Kids’ dentists who work at General Dentistry 4 Kids are friendly and are excited to provide the best dental care for kids in the Tucson and Phoenix areas. In addition to our wonderful staff, parents are always welcome in the treatment rooms, so you can be with your child at all times. This gives you peace of mind because you know how we are caring for them, and it comforts your child because they know that you are by their side. We want your family to have the best experience possible at our family dentistry, so we encourage the entire family to come and participate by learning about the healthy oral care habits recommended by the American Association of Pediatric Dentists.

Licensed and Informed

Our family dentists are AZ-licensed to provide a variety of services, including conscious sedation. Conscious sedation is a step above laughing gas, and it is designed to help children relax during a dental procedure. After the procedure, children are placed on 100% Oxygen, which flushes out the Nitrous within 5 minutes. This ensures that your child will not experience any lasting effects. For more information about laughing gas, conscious sedation, and any other dental methods, visit our FAQs page or ask one of our team members. Dr. Abramian, DMD, Dr. Bartschi, DMD, Dr. Boehringer, DMD, Dr. Coston, DMD, Dr. Doan, DMD, Dr. Givens, DMD, Dr. Haught, DMD, Dr. Dr. Hauschildt, DMD, Dr. Heacock, DMD, Dr. Heil, DMD, Dr. Hunsaker, DMD, Dr. Kamp, DMD, Dr. Nia, DMD, Dr. Pace, DMD, Dr. Roberts, DMD, Dr. Saran, DMD, Dr. Singh, DMD, Dr. Sprenger, DMD, Dr. Vinikoor, DMD, Dr. Vyas, DMD, Dr. Wainwright, DMD, Dr. Wallace, DMD and Dr. Waybright, DMD.

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