AHCCCS Dental Home Plan

What is the AHCCCS Dental Home Plan?

AHCCCS is working with each of its insurance plan partners (i.e. APIPA, University, Mercy Care and others) to assign their members an AHCCCS licensed dental provider. General Dentistry 4 Kids has been supporting the AHCCCS population for over ten years and we are excited to be a part of the new dental home program.

How Does the AHCCCS Dental Home Initiative Work?

AHCCCS encourages its members to schedule an appointment with your assigned provider. Each Insurance plan will provide General Dentistry 4 Kids a list of members that have been assigned to our office. We will then contact you by phone, mail or both to schedule an appointment in the office that is most convenient for you.

Do I Have to Schedule an Appointment?

It is not mandatory that you schedule an appointment. However, to ensure you or your children the best possible oral and overall personal health, we recommend an appointment.

Why Should I Choose to Go to General Dentistry 4 Kids?

We have been providing dental care for the kids of Arizona for over ten years. Our offices are tailor made to support kids of all ages. We have gaming stations in the lobby, TV’s on the ceiling of the treatment rooms and an overall fun, upbeat environment to minimize anxiety.

Our staff enjoys working with kids. Also, parents or guardians are welcome and encouraged to join their kids in the treatment rooms. You will be with your kids every step of the way and can be confident they are being cared for as you would expect.

Why Is A Dental Home Important?

Per the American Pediatric Association webpage, establishing a “Dental Home” means that your child’s oral health care is delivered in a comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated and family-centered way by a licensed dentist. The concept of the Dental Home reflects the best principles for the proper delivery of oral health care to all children.

It enhances the dental professional’s ability to assist children and their parents in the quest for optimum oral health care, beginning with the age one dental visit for successful preventive care and treatment as part of an overall oral health care foundation.