Tucson Mobile Dentistry

General Dentistry 4 Kids is excited to partner with your local school district to bring the dentist to you!

Why mobile dentistry?

  • Convenient for Parents. –  Rather than having to take time off from work and pull your child out of classes to go to the dentist, this program allows your child to receive the same high-quality dental exam they would receive at the dentist office while at school.
  • No additional cost to you or the school.
  • Improved Academic Success. –  Studies have shown that kids with dental issues miss more time from school and have lower grades than other kids. In addition, dental issues can cause kids to be less attentive to teachers and more disruptive in class.
  • Poor Dental Health Leads to Other Health Issues.  –  There are 125 health conditions linked to poor dental health such as diabetes, heart disease, sleeping disorders and depression. Regular dental exams can detect issues and help head off many more serious issues.

To enroll your child in the mobile dentistry program, fill out this quick and easy consent form.

You will be notified when a visit is scheduled for your child’s school.

If any additional treatment is required, we will notify you to schedule a later appointment. No treatment outside the routine exam and cleaning is ever performed without your knowledge.